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“Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.”—Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic.

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She Speaks to Me

She Speaks to Me

Western Women's View of the West through Poetry and Song

Guilford, Connecticut: Globe Pequot Press / TwoDot, 2016.
ISBN 978-1-4930-1903-8 $16.95

Keep Cookin’ Cowgirl

Keep Cookin’ Cowgirl

More recipes for your home on the range

Guilford, Connecticut: TwoDot, 2013.
ISBN 978-0-7627-8832-3 $14.95

In this collection are the poems of cowgirl poets who are regulars at the numerous state, local, and national cowboy poetry gatherings that happen throughout the year. There are a few songwriters as well—after all, their songs are simply poetry set to music. Some of the poets have never been published and were shy about being included but the true poet is always, just under the surface, eager to have her voice heard. Why else would she go to the trouble? The poets and songwriters featured here were quick to respond to the invitation to be included. In “true Western fashion”, they saddled their fast ponies and galloped in with their poetry and lyrics for your enjoyment.

Gifted photographer Robin L. Green chose the captivating photographs to accompany these lovely verses and songs. She captures the stark, lush, brutal, gentle and ever-changing western landscape and the creatures that inhabit it (including intrepid humans) in all sorts of weather—harsh or gentle—like no other.

It’s been said that Cowgirls cook with three ingredients—salt, pepper and catsup. And it’s almost true! There are no “Bouquet Garni’s” in Cowgirl Cooking. Cowgirls have always known that what makes people happy is good food, prepared simply.

If you are getting ready to go out on a dark and frosty morning, you will welcome a hot breakfast that will stick to your ribs. Sunday supper has long been a tradition on the ranch—a time when folks can get together and discuss the week behind and the week ahead while enjoying a warm meal around the table. Special occasions, like a wedding or a birthday will be celebrated with something homemade. At a pot luck where everybody’s best recipe gets to shine and be enjoyed. Campfire cooking holds a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to have eaten under the stars and started as necessity when large herds of cattle were being moved and the chuck wagon was the kitchen. These recipes, from cocktails to desserts, are fit for home and the range—and will help every cook find her inner cowgirl.

You Might Be a Cowgirl If…

You Might Be a Cowgirl If…

A Guide To Life on the Range

Guilford, Connecticut: TwoDot, 2012.
978-0-7627-7809-6 $12.95

Wild Women and Tricky Ladies

Wild Women and Tricky Ladies

Rodeo Cowgirls, Trick Riders, and Other Performing Women Who Made the West Wilder

Guilford, Connecticut: TwoDot, 2010.
ISBN 978-0-7627-5870-8 $12.95

For every little girl who dreamed of growing up like Dale Evans but who never quite achieved that dream. This book will help you slip back into the Cowgirl you have been carrying with you all those years. “You can be a cowgirl in a high-rise,” says author Jill Charlotte Stanford. “The location does not matter. It is the spirit that does and it's called ‘Cowgirl True’.”

With chapters like “Rodeo Queen Rules for Real Life” as well as advice on how to dress the part and decorate in a western-style without breaking the bank, You Might Be a Cowgirl If… is a Cowgirl’s handbook!

Photographs by talented western photographer Robin L. Corey add to the charm of this book that ought to be in every Cowgirl’s saddlebag or library.

Wild Women and Tricky Ladies celebrates the female trick riders and other performers who have been a part of rodeos, Wild West shows, and fairs since the 1800s. Cowgirl author Jill Charlotte Stanford follows up on The Cowgirl’s Cookbook by opening a larger window into the lives and philosophies of the girls of the rodeo arena.

Riding tricks such as the fender drag, the tail drag, the suicide drag, and the Hippodrome stand are still practiced today by modern-day trick riders. In the early days, Bertha Blancett excelled at Roman Riding at the Pendleton Round-up, winning the race and the purse countless times. Hazel Walker and Babe Lee dazzled the crowds throughout the rodeo and fair circuit during the 1920s with their daring and athletic tricks on horseback. This book celebrates the feats of these and other cowgirls with fabulous archival photography, first-hand accounts of life on the rodeo circuit, and the author’s appreciative eye for the wild women of the old West.

The Cowgirl's Cookbook

The Cowgirl's Cookbook

Recipes for Your Home on the Range

Guilford, Connecticut: TwoDot, 2008.
ISBN 978-0-7627-4512-8 $9.95

Going it alone

Going it alone

Advice, comments, and sympathy for women over 50 who find themselves alone

Cathair na Mart: Evertype, 2008.
ISBN 978-1-904808-14-5 $14.95

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“It's the cutest little cowgirl book ever. This book has the most authentic recipes a cowgirl (or cowboy, in my case) could ever want. The photos inside are fantastic as well. It's only ten bucks or so, so buy one for you and one for your mom. You won't be sorry, I promise.” — Michael T. Preedin, Sisters, Oregon.

“Yee Haw! Come and get it while it's hot!”

“For several years, Jill Charlotte Stanford produced a widely-read column, ‘Going It Alone’, that we proudly included in our monthly packet of news and features for the over-50 market publications. She is an outstanding writer with a fresh, honest approach to women’s issues. Jill’s emphasis was always on a woman’s self-esteem and the ability to rise above difficult and painful situations. I know I always anticipated reading her latest offering and learning something new or inspirational in the process. I am delighted this compilation of her columns is going to reach a much wider audience.” —Allison St. Claire, editor and publisher, Senior Wire News Service.

Getting Your Goat

Getting Your Goat

The Gourmet Guide

By Patricia A. Moore
with Jill Charlotte Stanford

Cathair na Mart: Evertype 2009
ISBN 978-1-904808-25-1 $14.95

Lamb Country Cooking

Lamb Country Cooking

Lamb With All the Trimmings

Medford, Wisconsin: Countryside Publications Ltd., 2007.
ISBN 0-9729661-0-2 $12.95

Goat meat or chevon is rapidly becoming the most sought-after meat in the markets today because of low-cholesterol. This new book, first of its kind, is filled with gourmet but easy to do recipes from all over the world where goat is enjoyed.

The cover and interior illustrations of Getting your Goat are by Oregon artist Susan Koch.

“This very personal collection is a timely treasure when lamb seems to be appearing on menus both grand and simple everywhere. Try Stanford's garlicky lamb chops smothered with apple mint chutney and served with daffodil rice!” —Kirsten Dixon, The Riversong Lodge Cookbook.

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